In this project, I am presented with a bike sharing company in Chicago, called Cyclistic.

The company has 5824 bikes and 692 stations in total. It is mentioned about 8% of riders use the assistive options when talking about reclining bikes, hand tricycles, and cargo bikes, and about 30% use them to commute to work each day.

They have two means of charging for the service, either an annual membership subscription (annual membersor through a full day or single ride pass (casual users)

Current analyses by Cyclistic’s Finance analysts, have concluded that annual members are more profitable, and because of that, the route of growth for Cyclistic goes towards increasing membership.


Photo by Nick Sokolov on Unsplash

Photo by Nick Sokolov on Unsplash

The Marketing team is then tasked to develop an effective marketing campaign to convert casual users into annual members

My job is to look at the data of Cyclistic user rides with insights for the Marketing team’s task.



In order to get answers we must first ask questions (a bit of pop-philosophy).

Prepare data

Know how the data is collected, identify it (formats and types), and verify its credibility.

Process data

In case it has any problems. Let's start cleaning the easy-to-solve.

Analyze data

It's time to take the information we have cleaned, to get to the conclusions.

Share data

Finally, let's share the conclusions we got with this analysis.