In order to get answers, we must first ask questions (a bit of pop philosophy).

When wanting to change a group’s behavior for another, it is important to distinguish them. So, the first question should be:

– How do annual members and casual users use Cyclistic bikes differently?

Then, from that differentiation, one can hypothesize what could influence them to change their behavior.

What gives us the answer to what should be the second question:

-Why would casual users buy Cyclistic annual memberships?

Once we know the answers to these questions, we just need to enact the message to casual users that would cause them to become a member. Currently, the best means of delivering information is digital media (Marketing team).

But, in order to utilize it efficaciously, there is one last question that needs to be answered:

– Who of the casual users should one try to persuade?

Road path vector created by jcomp for Freepik