Analyze data

Analyze data

This analysis aims to see the difference in use between 2 types of users: members, and casuals, using 3 factors:

  1. Time, month, weekdays, and hours.
  2. Location, ranked stations by use and areas.
  3. Electric bike use.


  • Time metrics:
  1. Months: both users are very seasonal, although casuals are more seasonal.
  2. Weekdays: casuals use the service mostly on the weekend.
  3. Hour: members use the service for commutes more than casuals.
  • Location:
  1. Ranked stations by use: casuals use the service disproportionally on stations in the bay area, while members use the service less disproportionally. Also, where the service has higher use is in the City Center and University Ave.
  2. Ranked stations by areas: both use 5 areas mostly, and of those areas, only “area 6”, the most used area, is disproportionally used by casuals.
  • Electric bike use:
  1. Electric bike use in areas is correlated with higher member use.

See the document on this page (remember to refresh the page in case it doesn’t show). Or you can download it:​

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