The reason why I love data analysis

Hi there! my name is Jóni and I am a “dataphile”, I love to understand in a inductive matter, the functionality of the world we live in.

And use that mode of viewing the world by using axiomatic rules to better understand empirical observations.

In a way, I’ve always had that fascination, like many of us, to acknowledge the underlining truth as best as one can.

And to use those insights to improve!

The person would be defined as a “dataphile” (also known as nerd)

From studies to real life

I studied genetics and biotechnology in Portugal, where I hail from, at the Universidade de tras-dos -montes e Alto Douro (UTAD).

Then I moved to Spain, Ourense in the autonomy of Galicia, where I own a brew bar and made my signature craft beer. Eventually, I got quite good at it, so I dropped the brew bar to go work for 2 brewing companies, Pardao and Esmorga, and for a while, that was what I was doing.

I'd rather an intellectual job

But then 2021 I wanted a different work, something more cerebral, I had learned about a course that Coursera was putting out with Google: a data analyst course. So I signed in and quit my job, there was a lot I wanted to learn and all the time was precious.

After 5 months of signing in, a friend offered me freelancing work, at Algen Solutions, building data models for companies using Power BI.

I left the capstone project (for the course I was doing) on hold, so I could learn Power BI. And, within a month, I had made my first fully dynamic, real-time and row level secured model!

As my first paid job in this field, I was quite happy with myself 😀


neural network - color

Loving data analysis!

After a few odd jobs that I was given, I decided to finish my capstone project and present it. This brings us to the present.

Currently still working with Algen Solutions, and I can not thank them enough. But I am looking to work for another company with a more continuous job flow.

Wanna see my capstone project? Clic below